Carols and Cocktails in the Garden
Carols & Cocktails in the Garden

Join Sandoway Discovery Center Thursday, December 14th as we celebrate, mix, mingle and learn about the difference Sandoway Discovery Center is making in so many lives of children in our area. It is an event not to be missed. Music, Cocktails and Discovery are waiting...Join Us.
+1 (561) 274-7263.

Did you know that we serve over 15,000 guests, many of them children, per year for little or no fee? Our programs give children an an up-close view of some of Florida's native and invasive reptiles, allow them to meet sharks and other fish at the coral reef pool and encourage the exploration of Southeast Florida's largest private shell collection. The Center’s activities include daily shark and stingray feedings, twice weekly alligator feedings, group education programs/tours, beach walks and cleanups, garden walks, live animal exhibits, fossil digs and more.

Our programs impact students by promoting a better understanding of Sunshine State Science Standards as well as fostering caring attitudes toward the environment through STEM based classes. We are the only beach front environmental educational facility of its kind between Delray Beach and Jupiter, Florida that teaches science concepts through hands-on, experiential-based classes. Through our classes using artifacts and animal encounters, we connect students with the natural world and inspire them to make a difference by caring for wildlife and wild places through conservation. Our classes create an impact with autistic, blind, deaf and special needs students by using animals and artifacts that they can feel, see and touch. Students will learn that the variety of life on Earth, its biodiversity, is both essential and inspirational for human existence. 

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