Sandoway was built for retired produce broker J.B. Evans from Deerfield Beach in 1936.  It is believed that Mr. Evans commissioned local architect Samuel Ogren to design the house as a retirement home.  Mr. Evans was appointed as Lieutenant-Colonel and Personal Aide to Florida Governor Fred P. Cone in 1937.  The position was honorary and consisted of accompanying the Governor on state and ceremonial occasions.  Sandoway is listed in the master site file Inventory of Historic Structures by the Florida Department of State and is also listed in the City of Delray Beach’s Local Register of Historic Places.

All of the restoration work done by the Friends of Sandoway House in 1997-98 met the standards prescribed for the rehabilitation of an historic structure as called for by the United States Secretary of the Interior.

Sandoway provides cultural significance as it exemplifies the historical, political, economic, and social trends reflected in Delray Beach during the Great Depression.  Designed in a unique style adapted to both the local climate and socio-economic conditions of the nation, the house provides significant clues about the values, lifestyle and social consciousness of the upper-class citizens moving to Delray Beach during the 1930s.

In 1995, The Friends of Sandoway House Nature Center, Inc. was formed with the express purpose of restoring the beachfront property for use as a nature museum highlighting marine and coastal life and natural local vegetation. The County of Palm Beach owns the property and leases it to the City of Delray Beach, who, in turn, sublet it to the Friends of Sandoway House. The building and property were opened to the public in May 1998. They started conducting programs for school children during the summer, as well as guiding many families of children and adults through the exhibits and other nature programs offered by the museum.

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City of Delray Beach Historic
Preservation Board, 1996

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