Outreach Programs

Group Fee for Educational Outreach Programs

$6.00 per person. Chaperones are Free.

Programs are 1 hour long. We require a minimum of 25 participants. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Title 1 Schools: If your group is unable to pay, we do provide programs at a discounted rate.
Frog at Sandoway Discovery Center

All About Amphibians

Field Trips and Outreach

Learn about metamorphosis, characteristics, behavior, camouflage, adaptations, conservation, native species and more through live frogs, toads and artifacts such as: jaws, skeletons, etc. and frog and toad calls!

Birds at Sandoway Discovery Center

From Beaks to Feathers! All about birds

Field Trips and Outreach

Learn about characteristics, flight, food chains, adaptation, camouflage, conservation and nests through live bird(s), bird calls, beaks, skulls, nests, feathers, talons, eggs and more!

Head of a Wasp at Sandoway Discovery Center

Creepy, Crawly Insects!

Field Trips and Outreach

Learn about adaptations, native species, habitats, conservation and characteristics of many different insects through live and mounted insect displays, bug eye demonstration, metamorphosis displays, antennae, mouth part demonstration and garden tour (field trip only for garden tour)!

Seed at Sandoway Discovery Center

Plants & Seeds

Field Trips and Outreach

All About Plants! Learn about native plant species, photosynthesis, plants parts, habitat, growth and products we use every day that are made from plants through seeds, roots, stems, leaves, fruits, live and mounted plant displays, garden tour (field trips only for garden tour) and more!

Head of a Wasp at Sandoway Discovery Center

Sea Turtles... Followers of the Moon!

Field Trips and Outreach

Learn about nesting, ecology, behavior and conservation of Florida's most famous ocean visitor! (no live sea turtles)

Head of a Wasp at Sandoway Discovery Center

Scales and Tails!

Field Trips and Outreach

All About Reptiles! Learn about reptile characteristics, adaptations, habitat and conservation through live reptiles, skeletons, snake skin, scutes, jaws, skulls, teeth and more!


A variety of positions are available to gain experience in a future field of study, fill community service hours for middle or high school students and/or to make new friends and gift back to your community!

Volunteer Opportunities


TUES - SAT: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
SUN: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM



The Sandoway Discovery Center animal adoption program is a great way to help care and feed one animal of your choice for one year. When you sponsor an animal your gift goes directly to support the professional care of your adopted animal.

Who Can I Adopt?
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